How to Join NWSEO


There are two types of membership - Full and Associate.

Membership dues for NWSEO may be paid by payroll deduction, check or credit card.

For New and Returning Members

Membership dues for NWSEO may be paid by payroll deduction, check or credit card.

The current dues for payroll deduction are only 1% of your salary to a maximum per pay period amount of $24.89.  The rate increases each year in accordance with the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM’s) salary rate increases for the rest of the U.S.

Employees who wish to join NWSEO through Payroll Deduction may fill out a Standard Form 1187 and provide the necessary information in boxes 1, 4, and 5, then sign and date the form at the bottom.  Social security and timekeeper numbers are not required.  Also, if you would like to give credit to a current NWSEO member who recruited you, please indicate his or her name on the form.

The completed form may be scanned and emailed to or faxed to NWSEO at 202-600-2145.

The following options are available (scroll down to the "shop" below):

Option 1:  Monthly.

Your credit card will be charged $53.93 per month on a subscription basis.

Option 2: One-time charge

Six Months:  One percent of your base pay up to a maximum of $323.57.

Annually:  One percent of your base pay up to a maximum of $647.14.

Dues payment for six or twelve months is one percent of your base pay, up to $323.57 for six months or $647.14 for twelve months, can be made via check.  Monthly checks will NOT be accepted.  Checks can be made out to “NWSEO” and can be mailed to:

601 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 900
South Building
Washington, DC 20004

NWSEO also provides for two types of associate membership: one for retirees of the NWSEO represented units and another for those who may choose to support our organization, but are not in one of our bargaining units, (i.e., those excluded by law).

Option to Pay Dues by Credit Card Below

Another option for paying dues is by credit card. Your credit card charged $53.93 per month on a subscription basis and you no longer have to worry about renewals. (Please note: Do not increase the quantity when using the store. It does not pay for additional months, it only purchases additional memberships and the increased amount will be charged each month.)

Recurring Monthly Dues Charge

$53.93 / month
  • Recurring Monthly Dues Charge.

Semi-Annual Dues

$323.57 / 6 months
  • A six month membership option.

Annual Membership

$647.14 / year
  • Full membership for one year.

Associate Membership

$65.00 / year
  • Mangers and others who wish to support the NWSEO through a nominal annual membership amount. No voting rights implied.

Retiree Membership

$45.00 / year
  • A reduced annual dues for past members who wish to stay in touch with the organization and friends.

Any questions? Contact your NWSEO Membership Director at