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Updated March 31, 2021

April is Membership Month!

The NWSEO Celebrates Its MEMBERS

(March 30, 2021) The NWSEO Membership Services & Recruitment Committee are preparing for Membership Month, with enhanced resources for recruiters, an outreach list of all prospective members, templates, enrollment incentives and rewards.

NWSEO plans for more feature stories on each bargaining unit NWSEO represents. “The Spotlight & feature articles written about members have connected employees from across the nation, sharing work experiences, highlights and accomplishments. This type of connection has strengthened our union even more,” stated Membership Director Christy Fox.

And, did you know? NWSEO Stewards are permitted up to 15 minutes to meet with each newly hired employee assigned to their facility for the purpose of explaining the role and responsibilities of the NWSEO, under Article 6: Section 7 of the CBA. Please reach out to your MIC and request 15 minutes of official time for this.


 Visit for continuous updates over the next couple of months.

  • Learn why others support the work of
  • Nominate a NWSEO Member for the Spotlight
  • Phone/Email Outreach Campaign, coordinated by the Membership
  • All About Membership “Share Package” will be available to all NWSEO Stewards/Vice Stewards to include templates to use for outreach.
  • Share the Value of NWSEO, the accomplishments and benefits of NWSEO with your co-
  • Learn How to Make Local NWSEO Meetings Interesting and Useful with your members, both in-person and
  • Host a local meeting with your members (i.e. Google Hangout). Topics may include:
    • COVID updates, staffing restrictions, safety requirements,
    • The new CBA and its implications
    • Recruiting and retention efforts
    • Ongoing and potential upcoming changes in regional policies/processes
    • "The door is always open! We want to hear from our members!"

Reach out to your Regional and Vice Chairs, or your Membership Director if you have questions.

Read more in NWSEO News & Archives.

Member Enrollment Incentives & Rewards

NWSEO offers a “New Hire Enrollment Incentive” through December 31, 2022.  Any newly hired employee (NWS, NESDIS, Aircraft Operations Center (AOC), AOML, NAG new hires) who joins NWSEO by Form 1187 within nine months of their start date, or during a New Employee course or its equivalent, will receive a $300 rebate.  The $300 rebate check will be mailed to the employee’s home within 7 business days.

Enrollment Incentives for other new members and recruiters will also be continued through December 31, 2022:  Any NWSEO member who recruits a fellow non-member (who is not eligible for the New Hire Enrollment Incentive) to join NWSEO by Form 1187, will receive a $50 gift card (of their choice).  The New Member will receive a $100 cash rebate mailed to his/her home within 7 business days and a $50 gift card (of their choice).

NWSEO Recruitment Travel Incentive.  JULY 31 is the deadline.  Any NWSEO member who recruits two or more new members to join NWSEO using the 1187 form for payroll deduction (not by credit card) from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2021, NWSEO will provide reasonable airfare*, 3 nights lodging, and approved group meals for the 2021 NWSEO National Convention.

Member Dues Details to share with prospects

Membership Dues Information

The current dues for payroll deduction are only 1% of your salary to a maximum per pay period amount of $24.30.  If for example, an employee makes $30,000 per year, their dues are only $300 a year.  With the NWSEO enrollment incentive ($300 rebate for new hires!) your membership is free for the first year.  Once you submit your membership form, you would receive your rebate check at your home address within 7 business days.  

To join NWSEO, please complete the attached Standard Form 1187 (no social security number necessary) for payroll deduction and return it to or fax to NWSEO, 202-600-2145.

Direct any further questions to the Director of Membership and Media Engagement, Christy Fox, at

NWSEO Recruitment Team Leaders

Your NWSEO Recruitment Team Leaders

Alaska Region             Mike Ottenweller, AR Chair and David Kramer, AR Vice Chair

Central Region           Jim Lee, CR Chair

Eastern Region           Brandon Dunstan, ER Chair and Douglas Anderson, Steward

Southern Region        Jason Wright, Steward

Western and Pacific Regions         Karleisa Rogacheski, Vice Steward and Robbie Munroe, Member

HQ and NCEP Regions           Ashley Kells, HQ Regional Vice Chair

NESDIS                                    Hugh Sharkey, Regional Chair

NOAA Attorneys Guild          Mitch MacDonald, Regional Chair and Lauren Smoker, Regional Vice Chair

AOC                                         Todd Richards, Steward

AOML                                      Jay Harris, Steward and Evan Forde Vice Steward

Positive Approaches to Recruiting

Reasons why employees might not want to support the work of NWSEO.

Over the past five years, the NWSEO Membership services and support have collected reasons given from members, why they don’t choose to support the work of NWSEO.  Membership support does increase though, when the work being done by NWSEO directly impacts the employee in their pay, work, shifts, maintaining work/life balance, etc.  We can learn from this resource and grow our union by encouraging members to share their positive experiences and stories of the work and impact of NWSEO with their colleagues. Member input is appreciated.

20_WhyWontTheyJoin_NWSEO pdf 

Letters You Can Use for Recruitment

SAMPLE LETTER - (to welcome a new hire to your office)

Welcome to our office, and to NWS!

 ______, it was wonderful to talk with you about my experiences and about NWSEO in general. ______, if you are interested in discussing NWSEO membership with me, I am available at any time.

Personalize it - I have personally benefited from having NWSEO stand up for me to resolve unfair labor practices and support the organization. Without NWSEO's assistance, I would not be employed as the OPL, nor have received the temp promotions I was denied for 3 out of the 5 years it took to receive my promotion and fill the vacant OPL position.

What does NWSEO do? - NWSEO is the only advocate for us and continues to make a difference every day. Without representation, our Agency would be very different and our rights as employees would not be preserved, as well as many of our jobs. Your opportunities in our office are due in many ways to NWSEO's efforts lobbying in Washington DC. Without NWSEO efforts and pressure, NWSHQ would not be beginning to fill positions that have been vacant for several years in some cases.

Explain benefits of NWSEO - I forgot to mention to _____ the $300 Health Club Reimbursement program NWSEO negotiated for us. That is available to you every year whether you are a member or not. If you do join NWSEO within 9 months of hire by payroll deduction, you will receive a $300 rebate. For the first year alone, that's $600 in savings. 

I'm available to you at any time if you have any questions or need assistance. Just call me on my cell at ________ or email me here or at _______________.

Explain how to complete the Form 1187 and answer any questions - Attached is more information, and the current Form 1187. Let me know if you need help completing it if you decide to join and return it to me.

Best regards,



Membership Form 1187

Please contact NWSEO Membership Director Christy Fox at with any questions on completing the Form 1187, enrollment incentives, or membership rewards. You have a Membership Services team ready to assist you in your recruitment efforts.

Why did you join NWSEO?


"I enjoyed being active in my work with NWSEO.  I had many opportunities to strengthen the membership and recruited many Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) students and interns over many years.  I also helped to organize AOML, and I participated in the NWS Diversity Council and the Health and Safety team that secured the Health & Wellness benefits for NWS employees."

— Robert Ebaugh, Lifetime Member


"It is especially in hard times like the Federal Government shutdown, and COVID-19, that I am extremely thankful to have a voice through the NWSEO."

— Lisa Schmit, NWSEO Steward NWS Twin Cities, MN


"NWSEO serves many purposes, but the one that made me join: Many people are intimidated by managers and are reluctant to give or get direct feedback from them. NWSEO (especially on the local level) provides any bargaining unit employee with a real voice without fear of reprisal. It is so beneficial to actually have this avenue of input instead of someone just having to simply put up with whatever working conditions/ environments. Luckily, so far in my NWS career, I have worked with mostly good managers... but prior to NWS I worked for a couple of terrible ones which makes me appreciate the role of NWSEO even more."

— Mark Pellerito, NWSEO Steward Binghamton, NY