“The goal of this program is to help our fellow employees
in need who are adversely impacted by a local disaster,”
stated NWSEO President John Werner.  

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(May 12, 2021) NWSEO has created a new program – NWSEO CARES - to provide support to offices in need during times of natural disaster or catastrophic circumstances.

“The goal of this program is to help our fellow employees in need who are adversely impacted by a local disaster,” stated NWSEO President John Werner.  “The Cares Act Program was born from our frustration with not having a way to provide timely and effective assistance to our fellow employees in offices that were adversely impacted by natural disasters.  This program gives us a ready-made means of providing timely and effective assistance to our brothers and sisters when needed.  With this program, we can do things like funding the purchase and transportation of fuel, food, water, etc. for nearby offices.  It’s all about supporting and helping each other out.”

This program will kick off Memorial Day weekend.  In order to prepare for the kickoff, NWSEO will host a CONTEST to determine two items:
   1.   the NWSEO CARES Program LOGO
   2.   the NWSEO CARES Program mini-poster to explain/introduce the program for bulletin boards across the country.

NWSEO Director of Membership Christy Fox will provide updates about the contest throughout this month.  Members can submit graphic designs or photos and ideas to Christy at membership@nwseo.org by May 26.  Winners of the contest will be announced May 31.

The funding for NWSEO CARES is provided through voluntary donations from NWSEO Members in an effort to help our fellow employees get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible after adverse events.  NWSEO Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Emily Roy has set up multiple donation options for this program, which are listed below.  Please reach out to Emily with any questions at e.roy@nwseo.org.



●  Paypal: send payment to e.roy@nwseo.org

●  Apple Pay: (202) 770-7983

●  Mail a Check: Make check payable to "NWSEO Cares"


601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Ste. 900, South Building
Washington, DC  20004

Thank you for your support of NWSEO members and our federal employees through the NWSEO CARES Program.


Funds Collected as of 6.2.2021
Thank You!

Form to Request Funds for NOAA Office

Instructions: Completion of this Request Form including approval from NWSEO Executive Council will begin the review process to provide funds for a NOAA Office (NWS, AOC, AOML, NESDIS, OGC). The Chief Financial Officer will not proceed without this approved request form and any further requested documentation.

LOGO IDEAS developed by NWSEO Members

NWSEO is collecting LOGO ideas and promotional graphics/designs for the new program.  Please submit your ideas and images to membership@nwseo.org.

Here are a few we've received so far:


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