46th Annual NWSEO National Convention scheduled for October 18 - 19, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada


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"The first convention I was able to attend, we had the training lead by Richard Hirn about the USC 5 and other rules and regulations. It was very informative. Meeting the other stewards is always a pleasure."

Todd Richards, NWSEO Steward of Aircraft Operations Center (AOC), Electronics Technician · at The NOAA Hurricane Hunters

"It was at the convention where I learned the important role that NWSEO plays in legislative activities."

"I joined NWSEO back in 1995 just as a threat of a federal-government wide furlough loomed on the horizon.  I was a journey forecaster at the WFO Sacramento, the first spin-up office in Western Region. I was recruited by Charles Ross, who was the steward for both the CNRFC and the WFO, and the second I joined, I wondered what had taken me so long to do so!

The first convention I attended was in 2005, in Scottsdale, AZ.  Attending the convention really opened my eyes to what the NWSEO does both at the field-office level as well as nationally, and how much it can do to help shape the NWS.  It was at this convention where I learned the important role that NWSEO plays in legislative activities. Being a member of NWSEO and being able to contribute to the NWSEO-PAC fund, I can rest assured that the interests of our agency are being represented to the appropriate members of Congress and the Senate, in an effort to ensure that we get adequate funding to run the NWS.  I view my membership in NWSEO as an important insurance policy for my career!"

Suzanne Sims, NWSEO Lifetime Member

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